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 Frequently Asked Questions
* The following information is
all based on availability.
B.W. reserves the right to decline
any request at any time.

Presently, B.W. is not accepting freelance requests.

Check back soon... 

  • How much do you charge?

    Every commission is individually priced to suit the buyer’s requests and needs.


  • Is there a consultation fee?

    If a commission requires an initial face-to-face interview, I charge a $30, one time consultation fee.


  • Do I have to pay the entire amount upfront?

    Depending on the size of the commission, smaller pieces may only require an upfront, one-time payment. For larger pieces, I generally work out a pay schedule specific to the commission. Once an estimate is agreed upon, I do charge a down payment (the first payment of the agreed upon pay schedule) to begin work.


  • Do you factor in shipping costs?

    If a commission requires shipping, I do factor in shipping costs at the most affordable rates available to me. These rates, based on standard shipping methods, are discussed as part of the commission.


  • Is there any kind of contract?

    I create a customized estimate for commissions, along with the agreed upon pay schedule. This document serves as the commission contract, requiring customer signature, with no exceptions. This is to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality of art that I can provide, and the total estimated cost is paid in full by the time the commission is finished. If required, this contract can be notarized. 


  • Do you travel to do mural installations?

    Because a commissioned mural may require multiple, prescheduled days of work, I try to stay within a 20 mile radius. If a commission requires a longer distance, travel fees will be factored in to the estimate.


  • What kind of style do you work in?

    Although I am able to work in most contemporary styles, I favor a more realistic, figurative style.


  • How many years have you been working as an artist?

    I have been working as an active freelance artist since 2000, and I founded my studio in 2006.


  • What is your education background?

    I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD). I received my Masters in Art from the Marshall University College of Fine Arts.


  • Are you an interior painter, too?

    No, I tend to stick to Fine Arts.


  • What’s the best way to contact you?

    There is a contact form page on the website. Leave information about the proposed commission, time frame needed, and preferred contact information.


  • How long does it take to do a job?

    The time it takes to do a piece is varied and specific to that piece. Some large projects may take no time at all, while some small projects may take a long time to complete. It all depends on the needs of the customer, the time allowed and the requirements of the piece itself. 


  • Do you make art for sale?

    From time to time, I will make individual or series pieces and, upon serious inquiry, prints can be made or they can be priced to sell. However, I tend to work on a commission basis, specific to a customer’s needs.


  • Do you donate your art or time?

    I have donated art in the past and will continue to do so on a select basis in the future. It ultimately comes down to the cause and/or need and my discretion.


  • Do you give art lessons?

    Presently, time does not allow me to do so.


  • Are you available for lectures and demonstrations?

    When schedules can be worked out, I am available for lectures and demonstrations. Although there is no age restriction for any lecture, I do request that the minimum age for those attending any demonstration be at the high school level. 


  • Is there a policy on changes, additions or corrections?

    I usually allow one (1) session of minor changes or additions to a piece with no additional charge. If more changes and additions are requested beyond the first session, then a rate of $65.00 an hour will be charged.

    For corrections necessitated by errors on my part, there is no charge. 



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